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Child Umbilical Hernia Belt

Child Umbilical Hernia Belt

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AT Surgical Child Umbilical Hernia Belt can help a baby, infant, or child relief abdominal pain associated with an umbilical hernia. A foam pad adds padding and provides a non-elastic zone that helps to direct compression on the hernia. Applies for support at the proper angle: upwards against the rupture opening, counteracting the abdominal organs' downward pressure and the bowels natural tendency to push outward. Umbilical Hernia Belt is made with a lightweight construction that keeps the specially designed pads in a stabilizing position to eliminate cutting, binding & restriction, so it stays in place all day.

Why choose Umbilical Hernia Belt?

  • Adjustable strap
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Hand Wash

Umbilical Hernia Support Belt Measurement Instructions

Sizing Instructions:

  • Measure around abdomen (belly) for a proper fit
  • Waist (pant) size may not be a good indicator for size as most people need to wear the belt closer to the belly and not the hips
  • The hernia belt is intended to fit tight and provide compression

Sizing recommendation:

  • If your child’s abdomen measures within 1 to 2 inches of the highest width range, we suggest you order one size up.
  • For example, if your child’s abdomen measures 19" or 20", which is the top range of the medium belt (16" - 20"), we suggest the large.
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