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Wrist Brace

Wrist Brace

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Brace Contoured Splint With Thumb Stabilizer, Removable Orthosis For Chronic Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Relief, Sprains


Our simple yet effective design assists with a variety of chronic thumb & wrist disorders. The brace can be easily fitted to almost any hand with two adjustable straps which attach to almost any point on the external surface. The contoured metal splint effectively stabilizes the lower thumb to reduce mobility, while the breathable sleeve and strapping provide soothing pressure & mild/medium support to the wrist and lower palm. Provides mild to moderate support to the wrist, metacarpal region, and particularly the thumb. While effectively immobilizing the lower half of the thumb, the tip is still able to flex for everyday tasks. Ideal for relieving chronic pain, or protecting sensitive tendons or muscle tissue during recovery. Countered Metal Insert immobilizes the lower thumb joint, allowing inflammation of the tendons, common to osteoarthritis, to naturally subside. Breathable Fabric is soft,skin-friendly and stays comfortable throughout the day


  • Supporting thumb injuries (ligament instability, sprain, or muscle strain)
  • Accelerating recovery to the wrist and thumb region
  • Wrist fractures
  • BlackBerry Thumb, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injury
  • Post-surgery or post-removal of casting
  • lightweight and breathable for all-day wear
  • with a hook and loop closure, provides a custom fit for controlled compression.
  • Metal Spoon (bottom side of wrist): padded metal spoon for a comfortable contoured support.
  • Supportive Stay- Both top side of wrist
  • Soft, durable outer fabric.


  • Gender: M/F
  • Item Type: Wrist Brace
  • Style: Countered Splint Wrist Brace
  • 35% polyester, 25% nylon, 25% spandex, 10% elastic, 5% cotton
  • Color: Black


  • 1 Size Fit For All
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